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All days start out smoothly through the grassy hills of Ponyville, going straight to the farm fields of Sweet Apple Acres. The morning is bright and colorful, and full of clouds swirling into vast patterns in the sky.  There is a tired expression on Applejack’s face when she trots out of her house. She looks at the agenda she’d scheduled out today mentally in her head. There first comes the daily apple picking, plowing on the cornfields, and the renovating on the old red barn. Big Mac comes out beside her, along with Apple Bloom who just finished her waffles for breakfast.

            “You guys ready for another work day at Sweet Apple Acres.” asked Applejack

            “E-Yup” Big Mac responded.

            “I am” Apple Bloom agreed, “You said William is coming too, right?”

            “He’d better” Applejack answered, “He committed to do it in order to pay that so called accident he created to my bake sale. Twilight also agreed to make sure he get there on time.”

            Just as she said that, the worm instantly appears magically into the air, and falls flat on the dirt ground. William the worm is here, with an irritated look on his face.

            “Ow! Ow! OW!” William shouted, “Do you know if worms can grow bones, because I feel as if I broken one!”
            “Get used to it William, we have a long work day ahead of us.” Applejack huffed.   

            Big Mac handed the gardening tools to William. They’re going to be starting at the medium sized vegetable garden for weeding, and insect prevention.

            The chores lasted around three hours with a couple break points. Big Mac’s strength also took care of the plowing job faster than Applejack expected. Apple Bloom took care of painting the barn with her decorating movements, as she always had practiced with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. William still made his efforts, but nearly complained about working for almost a quarter of the day.

            “This stinks BIG!” William whined, “Why can’t you get Discord to do it? His chaos always fast forwards the chores easier.”

            “Because Discord is helping Fluttershy open up an orphanage for the young fillies in Manehatten. He wants to use his mischievous chaos to attempt to make other happy and loving.” Applejack answered, “And you need to learn that the job doesn’t get done the easy way just for you!”

            “Oh, you always have to think about yourself, don’t you?” William asked rudely.

            Applejack ignores William’s behavior, and continues with her chores. Then, Applejack notices something odd in her vegetable garden that she hasn’t even seen before. The weed see now spotted, it’s black. It’s completely colored black, with a green and purple aura surrounding it. Could it be magical? Applejack doesn’t want to find out, but she can’t just let some unknown weed take a risk of staying here, let alone damage the good plants possibly.  Determined to be safe, Applejack reaches down at the black weed. The feeling when touching it felt really rough and weird. It’s like touching the texture of rusty wires surrounding wood.

            Then, the weed WRAPPED AROUND APPLEJACK’S HOOF!

            It was a wrenching lock, and it’s starting to frighten Applejack to every nerve of her system. She kicked back, and struggled to pull against the possessed looking weed. She tries to reach toward one of the weed cutters near her, but another black weed appears, doing something very unusual and shocking. It turned into a big mouth, and devoured the weed cutters whole with just one gulp. Sharp green teeth introduce themselves to Applejack as the look of horror invades her face.

            “NO! LET ME GO!” Applejack screams.

            William was attempting to play hooky from the chores, but passes by to notice Applejack’s horrifying situation just in time. William than picks up a shovel that’s laid down, and springs into action.

            “LET GO OF APPLEJACK YOU FIEND!” William shrieks in defiance.

            The weed attempts to fight back at William, but the worm’s slithery moves dodge the weeds attacks. William than chops and digs out some of the weeds with his shovel, but before he continues, a bigger black weed picks up William, and throws him far out from the garden. Big Mac discovering William fallen to the ground, notices the weed continuing to trap Applejack. Apple Bloom than comes to Big Mac’s side, and they run towards the garden to battle against the black weeds, in order to save Applejack. They enter into the garden just in time, but then…

            Applejack was completely covered in the black weeds completely, have the imprisoning ball sink into the ground instantly, and having it disappear not underground, but into the air. The dark magic, in the upmost formation of black weeds, has took Applejack. William comes back to the garden to discover that with Big Mac and Apple Bloom, with a terrified look on his face.


            “Calm down!” Apple Bloom advised, “Maybe if we go to Twilight, she’ll know what to do.”
            “Um, she’s a princess, and PRINCESSES ARE BUSY.” William shouted, “I’m going to Manehatten to find Discord! He’ll use HIS MAGIC to save Applejack.”

            “William, wait…” Apple Bloom tried to say.

            But William was full of fear, he didn’t want to hear rationalization. He wants to jump into action in his own way. Apple Bloom than turns to Big Mac.

            “Big Mac, you go inform everypony in the village about Applejack!” Apple Bloom suggested, “I’ll find Princess Twilight.”

            “E-Yup” Big Mac agreed.

            Within seconds, Apple Bloom and Big Mac rush to warn their friends.


            Manehatten was a skyline of vast buildings lining up one by one in rows on such an island. All ponies are doing their commercial and trading businesses as it always happens in this city. A train bridge also runs alongside the walking bridge to connect this island to the other part of land. About three miles of the island kept going up to the point where a fancy new building decorated with pink walls, and chocolate colored window frames, is standing by the pier zone of the city. Fluttershy is at the front entrance, comforting the young fillies, and welcoming the religious female pony nuns. Discord is inside, spicing the place up with his magic, by adding some sort of playground in the middle of the room. He even creates vicious looking beavers that are actually harmless, just so the fillies can play with them.

            Fluttershy checks in on Discord to see how he’s doing.

     “Um, do you really think these beavers will be safe for them?” Fluttershy asked.

    “Now Fluttershy, I need to make sure this place has a tad bit of chaos.” Discord informed, “That’s my job, and it’s for GOOD don’t forget.”

    “Um, very well.” Fluttershy reluctantly agreed.

    “Right. Do you want me to check on those fillie dillies?” Discord asked.

    “That will be nice.” Fluttershy said, ”I’ll just do a little dusting, then everything is set.”

    Discord poofs himself outside, while Fluttershy explores the orphanage hallways, sweeping a tiny bit each way, with the help of her rabbit Angel, who came on the trip with her.

    Then, something caught Fluttershy’s eye. An odd object is sticking through one of the floorboards of the building. It’s strange to her, the fact it looks like a weed. It’s color too, is BLACK. Angel pulled out a pair of plier cutters for her, and then she trotted to the weed to cut it out.

    The weed however, moved. Just before Fluttershy has the chance to cut it. After doing the same attempt over and over again, THE WEED GRABED FLUTTERSHY BY THE NECK!

    She choked and gagged in fear, as Angel tried to fight off the hellish thing with his strong feet. But the weed picks Angel up, and throws him out the window. Then, more weeds appear, luring into their prey, as Fluttershy whimpers in aghast.


    William is going through the streets of Manehattan in panic, leaving the train station as fast as he could, just by the moment he arrived. He kept bumping into other business ponies, not even bothering to excuse himself. He just kept squirming fast, fast as he could, hoping he’ll get to the pier on time. He just knows that weed might get someone else, because there was something he observed on that weed that took Applejack. It had an orange color, like it was reserved for her. And judging by his prediction, it might take Fluttershy while Discord was there. Finally, he arrived at the new orphanage building with Discord making a wacky introduction to welcome the fillies.

    “Now the rules of living here are simple” Discord states, “THERE IS ONLY FUN! Have has much love and fun as you want until you decide to pick…”

    “DISCORD!” William screamed when rushing toward him, “DISCORD!”

    “William?” Discord asked, looking at a hyper William in surprise. William is then in front of Discord, panting like a dog.

    “What are you doing here?” Discord asked in curiosity.


    The nun ponies, and fillies stammer at William’s behavior, wondering what’s going on.

    “What are you talking about?” Discord asked.

    Before William continues to explain, a huge black aura crashes out through the building roof, revealing Fluttershy to be trapped inside. This takes Discord’s attention by horror, along with William, the fillies, and the nun ponies.


    Discord flew toward the aura to rescue the yellow pegasi pony, but before he could, the black aura instantly vanished, taking Fluttershy with it. Discord now looks around in confusion and fear.

    “FLUTTERSHY!” he screamed in horror.


    Williams’s information was quite helpful, because now, Discord knew something was wrong. He flew back down to grab William.

    “We have to go back to Ponyville.” Discord said quickly.

    “We’ll watch the children.” one of the nun ponies promised to Discord.

    “Thanks.” Discord replied. He then snaps his fingers to take himself and William back to Ponyville as fast as they could.


    Rarity’s shop was the usual as Spike was helping her organize her dresses to be put up on display. He designs were out of the ordinary this time. She has been using rocks to stick together at the rim of the dress. She was making it by order of Pinkie Pie, because she’s giving it as a birthday gift to her sister Maud Pie, not that Rarity already knows she’s… solemnly… obsessed with rocks.

    “It looks gorgeous.” Spike complimented.

    “Please Spike, you always say that to ALL my dresses.” Rarity said kindly, “Don’t forget, I’m designing a dress made for Princess Luna.”

    She opens a curtain that’s at the corner of the room, and reveals her other work like it’s being presented on stage. The dress is al blue, with glitter sprinkles all around the middle of it. A giant moon shaped silhouette also reflects toward the bottom.

    “Wow, you’re not lying.” Spike admitted.

    “It comes with years of practice, my little friend.” Rarity said, “It’s not only based on little objects to decorate.”

    Rarity than looks at her workshop desk, noticing that she’s missing something. She couldn’t put her hoof on it quite quickly, but it came to her. For a fashion designer, it’s all-serious to get all little things in order.

    “Spike, do you think you can run to Pinkie Pie’s new house, and have her lend me some streamers?” Rarity asked.

    “Sure thing.” Spike says, “I’ll be back”

    Spike rushes out the door like any other lover fanatic would do. Rarity then organizes her cloths to prepare for making her next dress. Hopefully, for her, it won’t be bland like the one she unwittingly made for Twilight the last time. That rushed feeling she had when being around Fancy Pants was exhausting.

    CRASH! That sound catches Rarity’s attention, as her ears do flinch a little. The last thing she wanted before opening her shop is having another mess to clean up.

    “Ugh, could that be you Sweetie Belle?” Rarity called out, “I swear, you better not mistake one of my dresses as a Halloween costume again, or…”

    But as Rarity went by the stairs to see what’s happening, a sudden gust of chilly wind crept by her face, like a ripped-out spine was rubbing against her. Rarity knew it wasn’t Sweetie Belle, or Spike, but an intruder.

    She looked up to the ceiling to see if there’s anything crawling above her. Nothing, except the ceiling lights becoming broken, making the hallway become pitch black. And the hallway wasn’t the only section becoming dark. That’s when Rarity steps on something slimy and sticky, much to her discomfort. She looks down to see grey ooze dripping from some sort of big, black weed. The color surrounding it, has blue diamond aura circles spinning around it, the symbol of her Cutie Mark.

    Rarity now knew the weed is trying to come after her, the moment the figured out that hint. The rooms lights up bit by bit, having her discover the danger in this room a little more. The object she stepped on wasn’t a weed, but a tentacle that belongs to some sort of monster. She looks up inch by inch. The creature looks like a flytrap, but it’s color is completely black. And when it opens it’s mouth, it’s tongue too…

    Then it made something that scared Rarity even more, a voice.

    “Rarity…” it whispered, “LET ME FEED ON YOU!”

    Rarity screamed in terror, attempting to run away and find the door. But before she can even see the light, the creature’s speed caught up to be in front of her, forcing her to view darkness.

This is part of a commission an inspiration I got from TailsandSpike4EX .

This is the first sequence where an unknown black magic is capturing the first three of the main six. 
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